Night Sweats
Luis Mejicanos

February 1, 2019- March 10, 2019

Castellain Gallery is pleased to present Night Sweats by Luis Mejicanos. The exhibition features Mejicanos' most recent paintings that create a vibrant world influenced by the objects, patterns, and Guatemalan folklore of his childhood. He invites audiences to step into a realm that exists in the twilight hours, where the borders of the supernatural and the everyday are blurred.

Night Sweats confronts not only creatures subject of nightmares and Mesoamerican myths, but personal monsters that lurk in our realities and homes. The actual intermingles with the fantastical to create a haunting morbidity illuminated by Mejicanos’ fluorescent, and at times toxic, hues. Recalling the writings of magic realism figure heads, Gabriel García Márquez and Isabel Allende, his work is rich with allegory, fables, and superstition. Characterized by dynamic color and alluring texture, uncertainty coexists with the uncanny in the narratives and remaining fragments revealed by the artist.

Luis Mejicanos (b. 1995, Miami, FL) lives and works in Harlem, NY. Mejicanos graduated from Fordham University in 2018 with a dual degree in Visual Arts and Art History, and attended the Yale Norfolk Summer School of Art in the summer of 2018. His work has been exhibited in New York, Miami, and Connecticut.

Opening Reception:
Friday February 1st, 7-9pm

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