"My paintings are vignettes of the thoughts, places, people, and feelings that determine my quotidian experience. Informed by how things such as hieroglyphs, symbolist prose poetry, and photojournalism challenge the conventions of image and language by functioning as both, my paintings strive to create a self-referential language of shapes, gestures, and lines that, in concert, stand as my way of seeing the world. I regard my paintings as pieces that can stand alone but ultimately contribute to the larger language in the same way that a book of poetry is comprised of individual poems or an album is comprised of individual songs. This manifests in varying layers of paint; in combinations of abstraction and figuration; in painterly mark-making and precise drawing; in color fields represented by contrasting levels of flatness and illusionism. The pictures are also characterized by a fluid approach to subject material, attempting to be as broad and flexible as my experience itself.."