December 1st, 2017 - January 31st, 2018
"you watched me like ten car highway wreck, with detached, vulgar curiosity. take my gnarled, diseased hand, for the misguided insects have crowned me the grasshopper queen..

opioid fueled spider legs delicately crawl towards the quivering carcass... salt the earth, platinum plated deception..ABHORRORGENESIS..the repulsive self-loathing that is symbiotic to the human condition...please skin me alive, someone..
gastrointestinal sludge, shattered, blood sticks to teeth. blown out veins. my soul is a grotesque cherub of intestinal twists and and tears, abdominal butchery controls my every decision..

smokey tendrils of ignorance pour out of my ears, cavities of self loathing ..

i feel like a Cobb salad. it's amazing .. .."