"A photograph is more than just a still image; It's a fragment of time and space, a small, transient shard of life suspended in chaos. For the world is in constant motion - a frenetic vortex interspersed with quiet moments of sadness, of humor, of intimacy, of truth. Over the past four years, I have sought to discover these truths and to define our connection to the world around us. I am fascinated by banality, weaving a narrative through the repetitive motions of daily life. Visually, my work blurs a line between formalistic reality and dreamlike abstraction. I am obsessed with color and geometry, with fluidity and light, with the human form in perpetual transformation. Perhaps it's more about finding a way to preserve time, to immortalize oneself within the confines of a memory card, crystalizing beauty in the static noise of ones and zeroes.""